German born Felix Monza is an industrial designer and creator of his self titled brand. He grew up in a family driven by technology and the arts. This influenced him very early on. Later he worked as a model builder, metalsmith, and cabinet maker before landing a prestigious internship with GRAFT architects. This path lead him to study Industrial Design at Burg Giebichenstein in Halle, Germany.
The diverse experience of his youth molded him into a truly unique designer, collector and restorer of objects he is deeply fascinated by; namely vintage motorcycles, lamps and furniture amongst other things.

Professionally, Felix Monza already developed lighting systems, office chairs, 3D printers and door handles for well-known high quality manufacturers.
With his earned knowledge he forms products and objects that are able to last for generations. To him, new technologies are the impuls for product developments. Contrasts in form, color and material define his exciting objects. He is working against throwaway society with a portfolio of products that have strong character and a voice.

The Felix Monza headquarters are located in the fast growing city of Leipzig. All of the suppliers for his own brand are within a 100 km radius of the city. His products occur through a combination of CNC machined and handcrafted parts. That results in objects that are positioned on the edge between series products and sculptural artworks. Manufacturing flexibilty allows customizations and unique relationship to the client.

Studio K01
Lützner Straße 91

04177 Leipzig

To get a better feel for the quality and details of Felix Monza’s brand products you are always welcome to visit us in our showroom in Leipzig located at the Tapetenwerk in the Luetzner Strasse 91, 04177 Leipzig. Please drop us a line via email before so that we know you are coming.
Customer Support
Since quality is most important to him always contact the felix monza customer support in case of quality issues.
Clients & Projects

Zumtobel, Trilux, Osram, Gefertec,
FSB, Mosa NL, Deutsche Eigenheim,
IP Design, Kanera, GRAFT

2016 Red Dot Design Award, Zumtobel Caela
2017 German Design Award, Trilux Parelia
2017 German Design Award, Gefertec 3DMP

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