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The Hyperqube is an ode to timelessness and perception playing with perception achieved through its materiality and sculptural appearance. While adapting properties of the environment, it tells a unique story of light cosmos. Every model of the Hyperqube family is a signature combination of light, size, form and material. Whether it is todays minimalistic architecture or ancient magnificent Beletage that encircles a Hyperqube, it will interact as the mystic kryptonite in the form of contrast or repetition. The reflections of the levitating light ray in glass and polished metal surfaces borrowed from reality into a world of abyss. Every angle of view guides to a new dramatic serendipity.

The Hyperqube is a modular pendant lamp and/or floor lighting system. It is made of 250mmx250mmx250mm cubes and can be stacked into numerous possibilities. The dimmable LED light engine floats magically in the center of a hardened glass shell. Stone surfaces and perforated plates can be applied to create outstanding appearance. The Hyperqube is available in 5 different sizes. Additionally, complimenting three-dimensional sculptures and larger objects can be manufactured upon request.

The short-time assembly is made easy with a Monza-branded tool and Monza-branded gloves. It is important to use the enclosed gloves while assembly to keep the body clean. Like all Monza products Hyperqube is 100 percent “made in Sachsen”.




250 mm / 500 mm / 750 mm /
1.000 mm / 1.250 mm
250 mm
250 mm
4 kg / 8 kg / 12 kg / 16 kg / 20 kg
with / without pendant hanging
tempered glass, marble
steel, aluminum
shades of brown, shades of grey
clear, grey and bronze glass, brass, nickel, black
Technical Details
The parameters of Hyperqube depend on the size of each of the five cubes. The dimmable light tubes have a color temperature of 3.000 Kelvin and provide 800 to 4.000 lumen. Hyperqube is dimmable via DALI or Smartphone. The weight varies from two to ten kilos. The Hyperqube is equipped with a DALI interface and we recommend a certain remote control light dimmer for the pendant versions when installing in historic buildings. The package includes a baldachin for the pendant light with a converter inside from 220/240V to the required 24V of the LED engine. The minimalistic steel cable has a standard length of 1,50 metres and can be shortened according to your interior measurements. The floor light comes with a housing and a integrated manual dimmer together with a two meter textile cable. The light engine is a preassembled functional unit, the LED engine has a life span of 50.000 hours. The sculptural body of glass or other material combinations come unmounted and can be easily assembled with the help of the installation manual. Please see the specification sheet for additional detailed measurements and data.

Energy identification ( Energiekennzeichnung)

Size and material combination can be tailored for a perfect application to your interior. Please contact us via email or phone for more information. Delivery of customized products within 10 weeks.
To get answers to some questions you may have please read
our FAQ’s first. Most informations should be specified in detail in
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Hyperqube Sculptural lighting.

Price includes VAT/MwSt. Shipment is not included.
Shipping Costs (Versandkosten): 9,90 Euro
Delivery Time (Lieferzeit) : 8 weeks / 8 Wochen

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705,00 3.550,00  incl. MwSt.

The glass of the Hyperqube is finished with a nano coating. At Felix Monza we love the natural aging of real materials. Please see our maintenance instructions for maximum persistence.

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