Moto Rocker

Moto Rocker
Cafe / Brat / Track
Racer for Kids


The Moto Rocker is for the child fascinated with two wheeled machines and enchanted by the scent of their father’s oil infused garage. This child emulates his father and wishes he had an old school motorcycle of his or her own to ride and work on. The Little Rocker allows the little riders to go out there to find themselves and their way back home

The “Moto Rocker“ is a downscaled motorcycle for the new generation of engine enthused kids.
All details of an actual motorcycle are designed and applied to the Moto Rocker to mimic the true feeling of riding. The first edition comes with a one-cylinder 125ccm engine, a head light and a tail light. The hand made seat is fabricated with genuine leather. Every rider‘s name is placed on the frame bracket with the serial number and version details making it their own. Choose between cafe/brat or track style depending on the type of flooring in your living room. The color of the tank can be painted on order.


875 mm
260 mm
500 mm
5 Kg
black , silver, brown and more
Technical Details
The horsepower of the Moto Rocker can only be measured by the width of the little riders smile. The Moto Rocker is suitable for children aged 1 and a half to 4 yet can support up to 50 kilos. It is a handcrafted piece of art and comes preassembled. The installation manual will allow for its swift montage. Not suited as a toy ! Nicht als Spielzeug geeignet !
Since the invention of the wheel the human being started to modify its ride right away. Of course we offer personalisation for business or personal needs. Please contact us via email or phone for more information. Delivery of customized products within 10 weeks.
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