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Dining table.

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Precious Slices of ultra thin ceramic, glass or wood are lined up precisely on top of a cubature that is skillfully chamfered with blended corners. Reduced to a skeleton of bevels Rhomb transforms a solid block into a light system of tables and shelves. The unusual arrangement of that framework provides clean possibilities for an evolving creation of types and sizes. Pure construction and subtle elegance collaborate for an object of defined contrasts.

Rhomb is a modular table and shelf design in different sizes and materials as a built to order product. Noumerous types, width, length and heigths can be tailored on demand as well as outlet terminals for conference or dining tables. Please see our product brochure for the noumerous possibilties of ceramic and glass surfaces. According to size and finish we will get back with a customized design.


2.000 mm
1.000 mm
760 mm, adjustable
Table finish
four legged table
Table top shape
oak wood
shades of brown
Technical Details
Rhomb is available as a 1.800mm x 1.000mm dining table, a 2.000mm x 400mm shelf and a 1.000mm x 1.000mm coffee table. The offered dimensions form our first range of tables and shelves but can be customized to your needs. The board material can be 5 mm thick hybrid ceramics, 6 mm hardened glass or 20 mm solid wood. Please use our complimentary special tool for easy assembly.
Size and material combination can be tailored for a perfect application to your interior. Please contact us via email or phone for more information. Delivery of customized products within 10 weeks.
To get answers to some questions you may have please read
our FAQ’s first. Most informations should be specified in detail in
our Terms and Conditions.

Rhomb Dining table

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At Felix Monza we love the aging of real wood. Please see our maintenance instructions for maximum persistence.

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